About A.D.S

Formerly Live Targeting API

This technical documentation is given to Sirdata partners who signed both legal and sales agreement prior to get Global API access and specific Product APIs access. Check out the API Access section for further information.

What is a A.D.S API integration?

A.D.S API (formerly Live Targeting) is a real time API integration between Sirdata's cookie-based and/or cookieless Audience API and/or Contextual API with your advertising server system (adserver, SSP...), designed to be privacy safe by avoiding personnal data external transfer and storage.

The API integration is fairly straightforward to adopt, but there are some guidelines that should be adhered to as you build this integration.

What is the use case covered?

It allows you to request any Sirdata's audience in real-time to improve your digital advertising campaign targeting.

With V2 integration tag, A.D.S. now supports the IAB Tech Lab's Seller Defined Audience (SDA) specification.

If you are looking to take advantage of ADS when using Prebid.js, you can install our Real Time Data module directly.

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