API Access

Getting started with Sirdata APIs

Global API Access

Access to Sirdata API is granted by your sales manager. Having an API Access implies that both legal and sales agreements has been signed. Please contact your sales representative at sales@sirdata.com to get an access.

  1. Ask a Global API Access to your contact at Sirdata

  2. You will receive an email to register by creating your username and password

3. By clicking on the Register button, you will be redirected towards the Partner API for credentials creation

Please note that for security purposes, there is no credentials recovery system in place. If you loose your password, please contact Sirdata.

4. As soon you've signed in, you access is created and your are ready to request Sirdata APIs

Product APIs Access

Once your Global API access has been granted, you will be able to request specific Product APIs access.

Please contact your AM at sales@sirdata.com to get access to the Product APIs you've signed an agreement for.

Here is the list of all the Product APIs available:

Production APIs

Endpoint https://partner-api.sddan.com/api/v1/public

Sandbox APIs

Endpoint We are working on it, it should be available shortly You will find more infos about the Sandbox environnement into the dedicated section below


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